KeyGuide® resin is a perfect fit for our laboratory. The material prints quickly and accurately in our 3D printer and polishes to a beautiful high luster shine. Our doctors are loving it!

Ken Kincaid


Keystone’s are the highest quality materials we have seen, and we are eagerly integrating them into our digital workflow.

Jay Collins

Owner, Cornerstone Dental Labs

We are loving KeySplint Soft®. Best splint material I’ve ever used!

Chris Kabot


I honestly believe KeySplint Soft® will change printed splints forever. It has unbelievable fracture resistance and mind-blowing elastic memory.

Jay Patrick

Dental Devices by Jason

When we tested KeyGuide® in the beginning, I was surprised. It prints really well and the fit was very precise. It was really easy to use. We are definitely impressed with it. We will no longer be outsourcing our surgical guides.

Jessica Birrell


KeySplint Soft® has the unique ability to change flexural properties over the temperature range of the indicated uses. These dynamic properties add a unique characteristic that should extend the life of the splint device by preventing the degradation due to brittle fracture.

Mark Latta


These are certainly the best materials I have ever seen. The color, clarity, and detail of the printed parts are superior.

Dell Dine