Printer Settings

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Compatible Cure Boxes

Compatible Resins

KeyModel – 4000 flashes per side
KeyOrthoModel – 4000 flashes per side
KeyCast – 2000 flashes per side
KeyMask – 4000 flashes per side
KeyGuide – 2000 flashes per side
KeyTray – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Soft Tinted – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Hard Tinted – 2000 flashes per side
KeyOrtho IBT – 1000 flashes per side

About W2P

W2P Engineering GmbH is an Austrian company with a strong focus on research and development in the field of 3D printing. We produce 3D printers of highest standards and have established a network of international partners who distribute our products across the globe.

Technical expertise and many years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing are helping us to develop and produce cutting-edge 3D printers.
W2P´s high-precision 3D printers allow their clients – especially from the dental, audio, jewelry and manufacturing industry – to produce customized parts and models with minimal waste of material.