Printer Settings

Printer settings are pre-loaded to each Nexa3D printing system. Visit for more info

Alternative Washes

Otoflash G171


DEMI 400™


Compatible Cure Boxes

Compatible Resins

KeyModel Ultra – 2000 flashes per side
KeyGuide – 2000 flashes per side
KeyTray – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Soft – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Hard – 2000 flashes per side
KeyOrtho IBT – 1000 flashes per side

Compatible Resins

KeyModel Ultra – 45 minutes total
KeyGuide – 30 minutes total
KeySplint Soft – 60 minutes total
KeySplint Hard – 14 minutes total @ 60C
KeyOrtho IBT – 10 minutes total
KeyTray – 60 minutes total

Compatible Resins

KeyModel Ultra – 15 minutes per side
KeyGuide – 10 minutes per side
KeySplint Soft – 30 minutes per side

Visit the post-cure page for a full list of compatible post-cure units.

About Nexa

Nexa is a bunch of passionate additive manufacturing practitioners that are committed to digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably.

Nexa makes the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. Their groundbreaking technology is shattering traditional 3D printing productivity barriers and opening the aperture of additive materials.

Nexa printers take current additive manufacturing speeds from ‘dialup internet’ to ‘broadband’ printing and are capable of continuously printing at speeds of up to 8 litters per hour. This represents some 20X productivity gains over all current state additive products and is comparable only to injection molding economics without existing supply chain complexities, extended lead-times and the substantial costs typically associated with tooled plastics.