Printer Settings

Printer settings are pre-loaded to each Stratasys printing system. Visit for more info.

Compatible Cure Boxes

Compatible Resins

KeySplint Soft Tinted – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Soft Clear – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Hard Tinted – 2000 flashes per side
KeyDenture Try-In – 2000 flashes per side
KeyTray – 2000 flashes per side
KeyGuide – 2000 flashes per side

Compatible Resins

KeySplint Soft Tinted – 32 minutes total, 90%
KeySplint Soft Clear – 12 minutes total, 80% intensity
KeySplint Hard Tinted – 8 minutes total, 90%
KeyDenture Try-In – 12 minutes total, 90%
KeyTray – in testing
KeyGuide – 10 minutes total, 90%

About Planmeca

Planmeca Oy is a global leader in many fields of healthcare technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Their product range covers digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices and comprehensive software solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, they are the largest privately owned company in the field of dental equipment and the parent company of Planmeca Group. With 4,500 employees worldwide, Planmeca Group companies achieved a combined pro forma turnover of EUR 1.2 billion in 2021.