Compatible Printers



(405 nm)

Compatible Resins
Pending Resins

Printer Settings

KeyPrint settings are included in printer software. Ensure all software is up to date.

Compatible Cure Boxes

Compatible Resins

KeySplint Soft – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Hard – 2000 flashes per side

Compatible Resins

KeySplint Soft – 10 minutes per side
KeySplint Hard – 999 seconds per side

Visit the post-cure page for a full list of compatible post-cure units.

About EPAX 3D

EPAX DX Pro Dental Printers set the standard for dependable, high-quality production for dental clinics across the globe. The latest in LCD technology yields unparalleled speed and precision to enable same day model production while providing a cost-effective solution to high patient traffic without the dependency and wait time of dental labs.

3D printing in dentistry allows dentists and orthodontists to improve profitability by minimizing costs and enabling flexibility. EPAX printers are designed to be affordable and user friendly, making the transition into 3D printing efficient and effortless.