Printer Settings

KeyPrint settings are included in printer software. Ensure all software is up to date.

Compatible Cure Boxes

Compatible Resins

KeyGuide – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Soft – 2000 flashes per side
KeySplint Hard – 2000 flashes per side
KeyOrtho IBT – 1000 flashes per side
KeyMask – 4000 flashes per side
KeyCast– 2000 flashes per side
KeyTray– 2000 flashes per side
KeyOrtho IBT– 1000 flashes per side

Compatible Resins

KeyGuide – 2 minutes per side
KeySplint Soft – 2 minutes per side
KeySplint Hard – 90 seconds per side
KeyOrtho IBT – 1 minute per side
KeyMask – 2 minutes per side


  • Validations are done at 100% intensity unless otherwise noted
  • For Uvitron 600W, same post cure settings apply at 66% intensity
  • Validations are done at the lowest rack
Compatible Resins

KeyGuide – 8 minutes total
KeySplint Soft – 32 minutes total
KeySplint Hard – 40 minutes total
KeyOrtho IBT – 8 minutes total
KeyMask – 8 minutes total

Compatible Resins

KeyGuide – 10 minutes total, 60C
KeySplint Soft – 40 minutes total, 60C
KeySplint Hard – 10 minutes total, 60C
KeyOrtho IBT – 10 minutes total
KeyMask – 10 minutes total

Visit the post-cure page for a full list of compatible post-cure units.

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