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KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers is a unique 3D printing resin for manufacturing dental splints, night guards, and bleaching trays in the advanced Carbon M-Series printers using breakthrough Carbon DLS™ technology.  The printed splints are strong, yet flexible for patient comfort, and are not brittle.

This resin is biocompatible and fully compliant with international medical device regulations and standards. Our robust formulation guarantees three years of shelf life, is color stable, and is resistant to fractures, abrasion and staining.

KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers

#4220155 KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers (1kg)
$425 MSRP
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  • USA
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • Australia


More coming soon!

Available In


USA, Canada, European Union, Australia


More coming soon!

Strong, Yet Flexible

KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers produces a unique device that can withstand the force of bruxism, while remaining flexible for patient comfort. The product is not brittle, and is fracture and abrasion resistant.

Digital Precision at Scale

Using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers provides unparalleled detail and precision. This advanced platform allows for the manufacturing of precision devices at higher volumes.


KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers is 510k-cleared in the USA, CE Marked for sale in the EU as a Class IIa biocompatible material, and is approved for sale by Health Canada.


Multiple Uses

Outside the USA, KeySplint Soft ™ Clear for Carbon Printers is indicated for the fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as bite planes, mouthguards, nightguards, snoring appliances, splints and repositioners.

KeyPrint by Keystone Industries

We’re excited to partner with Keystone and combine our innovative, cutting-edge technologies to exclusively offer the KeySplint Soft Clear material to Carbon’s global network of dental partners. KeySplint Soft Clear resin is a best-in-class material for night guards and bite splint applications.

Todd Ames

VP of Oral Health, Carbon Inc.

Carbon is the world’s leading digital manufacturing platform that drives accelerated product innovation. With the Carbon Platform, powered by breakthrough Digital Light Synthesis technology, companies finally break free of the constraints of traditional polymer manufacturing to make what’s next now at speeds and volumes never before possible.