Universal dental investment material

KeyVest is a universal dental investment that is compatible with all dental alloys and pressable ceramic systems.

Its fine, phosphate-bonded formula gives you the accuracy and consistency you need for your lab to keep up with modern standards. KeyVest’s smooth consistency and long working time allows for multiple rings to be poured at once, without forming bubbles. You’ll never have to worry about time constraints, since rings can be placed in an autoclave or furnace any time after bench-set without fear of cracking.


  • Compatible with all pressable ceramic systems and dental alloys
  • Optimal for 3D printing materials like KeyCast
  • Easy investing with minimal vibration
  • Devests with minimal blasting
  • Long working time
setting expansion graph
thermal expansion graph
KeyVest Universal Expansion Liquid1 Liter Bottle1910901
KeyVest Universal Expansion CASE5 x 1 Liter Bottle1910902
KeyVest Precision All in One Investment Powder50 x 100g Bag1910903
KeyVest Precision All in One KIT42 x 100g Bag & 1 Liter Bottle1910904
KeyVest Digital Precision All in One Kit42 x 100g Bag & 1 Liter Bottle with 1Kg KeyCast®1910905